STUCARE is one of the pioneer Educational Solutions provider company in India. With the time Social demands are changing, Parent's expectations are changing, We at STUCARE understand these academic needs and believe in providing innovative solutions for these needs. Factors behind STUCARE's grand success is, our commitment and dedication to provide world-class services to our customers.

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"Change the DEFINITION of EDUCATION" Education is the fourth necessity for man after food, clothing and shelter, in today's competitive world. Our Vision is to Make Education a Pleasing word. We are in Market to Revolutionize the way we Learn, we Teach, We Educate.


"Revolutionize the Way We (School-Parents) Communicate" It's widely recognized that the more involved parents are in their child's education, the better the pupil performs at school. A child's classroom performance and academic achievements are significantly influenced by the extent to which its parents become involved in school life, and the interest they take in their child's education. Our mission is to provide right information to right people at the right time.